Genealogical history of the Lewis Family

Taken from: “Some prominent Virginia families: Volume 2 – Page 620″ by Louise Pecquet du Bellet, Edward Jaquelin, Martha Cary Jaquelin

Motto translated means”Every land is a brave man’s country.”

It is a question very often discussed of late as to whether the hour makes the man or the man the hour. To a student of the history of Virginia an answer is very soon given, for since the settlement of Jamestown, in 1607, which was virtually the birth of this country, there has never arisen a crisis of any kind when Virginia, our mother State, has not had one or more of her sons ready to meet it. When the hour arrives the man appears. We may search the pages of history in vain for a nobler or as noble a group of men as Washington and his patriot Virginians in 1776.

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5 thoughts on “Genealogical history of the Lewis Family

    • Thank-you for your site! UEL/LAND RULES DIFFERED IN 1830’S-QC-FEUDAL; & ONT!
      January 6, 1771 – Marie-Josephe=Josette, daughter of founder m-Thomas Lewis, Moulder; &
      January 9, 1797 – Marie-Therese S-Vadeboncoeur m-Jean-Samuel Lewis, forgeman at Batiscan Iron-Works-near Old Site of Desforges du St Maurice, N-Trois Rivieres, QC; &
      March-1799, John ONEZEME Lewis was born; and, became a Thomasburg-Stoco-Hungerford-Settler with his wife, Jessie Easton, b 1805, Presbyterian, dtr of Adam..Robert;
      October 23, 1830, Mary Matilda Lewis was born; and, married James Forestell in 1846!


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